Becoming & Finding the Magic of Personal Greatness

Several weeks ago, Karen Riggs on her Sunday (3/24) PWW Post, shared with us her journey to become a novelist. I thanked her for sharing her journey and accepting the title of ‘novelist’, though acknowledging that she’s “got so much more to learn”. Don’t we all!! Her post reminded me of my concept of ‘becoming’. I have seen how the lack of personal acceptance is perhaps one of the major stumbling blocks of creativity. Very few artists, that I am aware of, regardless of their media, is born a great artist, great poet, great writer or great novelist. Greatness is … Read more

Realizing Your Writing-In-The-Dark Prime Directives

My Writing-In-The-Dark Prime Directives: 1) Without the character, there is no story. 2) The character rules in all things. 3) The character creates the response to ‘idea’, ‘setting’, ‘place’, and ‘time’. 4) Idea: the problem, the obstacle, the goal, and the purpose for the story 5) Setting: the circumstance, the context in which the story unfolds in a particular place and time Note 1: I had already finished the first six novels in the series before this interview took place. Here are three questions from that old interview about my first, Jamaica Moon, book that help illustrate what led me … Read more

How I Write – Or: D.I.Y.

To explain the novel writing process is not as easy as it first seems, to me at least. A ‘process’ is the ‘how you do something’, your method of operation. Can one, without ever having written a novel, start out holistically describing the novel writing ‘operation’ from A to Z? It seems, to explain novel writing holistically calls for one of two approaches. One would be the scholarly, academic, point-by-point method. A second would be the ‘jump in, sink or swim’ method. I became a novel writer when I realized I had a story (which became stories) to tell. My … Read more

The ‘Twilight Zone’ of Writing: Lost Time

You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Twilight Zone! * How do you know if or when you are actually ‘writing-in-the-dark’? I believe it is a place balanced between concentration and unawareness. If you are ‘concentrating on the story’, then you are probably not ‘writing-in-the-dark’. You are consciously creating the story, possibly as you go, but you are doing this consciously, intentionally… Directing the action, rather than observing and … Read more

How My Writing Began – Nurture vs Nature

Howdy, First let me thank Harvey for creating PWW, Pro Writers Writing, and for including me as a ‘Regular Contributor’. I am looking forward to offering my contributions and learning from all of our contributors as well as our reader’s feedback. As the puppeteer holding our PWW strings Harvey is a singularly gifted man. No not a man of a singular gift, but a man who is singular because of his many gifts. One of his many gifts is his ability with and use of the English language: words, syntax and grammar. Thus his suggestion was not taken lightly that … Read more