Just Tell A Story

Hey Folks, My friend G. Chris Stern is taking a necessary hiatus today, so I’m filling in for him. To that end, I’m reposting here a post I shared over on HarveyStanbrough.com back in December 2017.  I hope you will enjoy it, and that it will help in some small way. So many of us have forgotten that our primary purpose is to entertain, first ourselves and then other readers. Entertainent really is the sole purpose of writing fiction. We get wrapped around words. Yet in and of themselves, they just don’t matter. Words really are only tools, like nails … Read more

What Does Your Character See?

And does your reader see what your characters see? Hear what they hear? Probably not exactly, but have you made it as close as possible? Without being aware of it, most of us carry around a mental file of stock photos, generic images that fill in for any object or person or place. The writer’s task is to jar the reader from the bland realm of generic pictures to specific images necessary to complete his/her story. First, let me make this absolutely clear: we know to deliver perceptions and descriptions through the major character(s). However, think about people you know … Read more

Don’t Sweat the Reviews. I Don’t

I thought today I’d like to talk to you about reviews and how all the great reviews you receive can be negated by one idiot who thinks they’re the god of all things written. And how that really shouldn’t happen if you intend to make writing a lifelong joy. First, though, I’d like to give a little history about how my handling of reviews has evolved. When I began self-publishing, I think I must have checked Amazon at least ten times a day to see if anyone had left a review. When one popped up, I read it with trepidation. … Read more