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How To Test A Candidate’S Writing Skills

    If you want to know whether your candidates can return messages or emails, or if they can write presentations, articles, guides, or other materials, testing their writing skills is critical.

    Their cover letters and emails correspondences (if in a language that you want to test in) can already give you a good sense of your candidates writing skills. During your interview process, just talking with your candidate in the language you are looking to test in will give you a good sense of their skills. Online tests can give you a good sense of a candidates language skills (though depending on the software that is running your tests, you may have to get creative with how to test their conversational skills). Online tests make it easy for you to test for language skills, and continue your hiring process with candidates that fit your language requirements.

    An online test also allows you to effectively check for writing skills, or you can have candidates rewrite a short piece of copy. For certain positions that require specialized writing skills or experience, you may run into a writing exercise in the course of an interview.

    Employers or recruiters are more likely to ask you for a written exercise when applying to jobs in which communication is crucial for the role. You should expect such a test when applying for jobs that will require you to use some form of written communication. Written ability tests can come in the form of multiple-choice questions, or they can ask you to write an essay that describes your understanding of the procedure.

    Typically, skills tests will ask various questions in varying formats in order to understand how well candidates can do a task at work. By combining questions from the skills test with the pre-employment assessments, recruiters are able to gain a more accurate understanding of the candidates abilities.

    The best skill tests, though, require a proper formula for helping candidates excel. For jobs that require daily usage of specific skills, a valid technique is the skills test, which assesses candidates abilities in performing tasks required by the job. For jobs that have a readily quantifiable skillset, you can have candidates take either a skills evaluation, or take standardized tests that will objectively measure their proficiency. A skills test is an assessment used to give an objective, verified evaluation of the candidates ability to do the duties listed on a job description.

    Written tests are assessments used in the hiring process to assess specific skills and competencies, i.e., writing skills, in a candidate. Often, written exercises are used to assess the candidates communication skills. Written exercises are a helpful tool for employers to get a sense of the candidates verbal understanding and communication skills.

    We found written exercises to be helpful for getting an understanding of a candidates analytic skills as well as his or her ability to organize information. We have found the writing exercise to be more helpful than asking for a writing sample from the candidate, since writing samples are usually heavily edited by others and may not be representative of the persons actual abilities. We typically have asked individuals we interview to give us a sample of something they wrote — and recognize there are limitations to using those samples as measures of an applicants writing skills.

    For editing positions, you may want to use a writing test with examples of candidates writing, or require written samples. To ensure that you are picking the right writers for the job, you should consider creating an creativity test for potential members of your writing team.

    Candidates who are good at answering this will be a true asset to your team, as they will realize that writing well is a process. Of course, you want to learn about the things that an applicant is good at, or is not, but a better reason to ask this question is to gain a sense of how well the applicant talks about writing, an essential skill for their writing. Ask these questions in your interview, and you will know everything you need to know about an applicants writing skills, problem-solving strategies, and expertise in helping colleagues with their own writing.

    If you are going to require writers to conduct research on the Web, you want to check for their search skills. That way, you can check the writers headline-writing skills, and you will be able to ensure your writers understand all the core techniques for writing powerful headlines. In addition to testing writing skills, the following tests will determine the candidates ability to closely follow instructions when working independently.

    Personality tests can evaluate a candidates tendency toward work place behaviors or soft skills that are crucial for a job. At Vervoe, we continually vet assessments to ensure candidates are taking tests that are fair, based only on skills that reflect how they will do in the workplace. Personality tests cannot tell whether or not someone is more technically skilled, but can evaluate gaps that might present themselves in an interview process in which candidates feel pressured to perform or behave a certain way.

    More than resumes or interviews, an ability test can gauge the real potential for a new recruit to make it far with the company. Where traditional recruiting methods fail, a skills test can make clear a candidates true talents easily. With a growing millennial workforce, the opportunity for telecommuting, and the opportunity to recruit candidates from around the globe, skill assessments can level the playing field for all types of candidates. In a high-volume hiring environment, skills assessments can make the hiring managers job a lot easier, providing knockout questions that instantly disqualify candidates.

    In the recruiting process, it is essential that you accurately assess the skills of your candidates, as they relate to their ability to perform the task at hand. Skill tests work best when the questions asked are tailored specifically to the roles and needs of the team hiring a new candidate. Yes, the hiring manager can require a candidate to do a written test (i.e., answer a set question) after he or she has been found the most qualified and is in the end stage of the recruitment process (i.e., in final interviews). While the nature of the different writing tests and assessments vary from job to job and employer to employer, they generally aim to evaluate a job candidates skills and knowledge under time constraints in areal-world environment.

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